Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Maintenance release with a few improvements & fixes:
  • Improve a few interface things, like the font color for links on Windows.
  • Don't require administrative permissions when installing or updating MuteDeck.
  • Allow the MuteDeck window to be moved to a second screen above the monitor that it's currently on.
  • Show an error when MuteDeck isn't able to open the network service that's needed for communication with Stream Deck, Loupedeck and other decks, or the Chrome extension, or the API.
  • macOS: Make sure "MuteDeck" shows up in the Security settings, and not "MuteDeckMaintenanceTool"
  • macOS: Fix an issue where the app wouldn't show the first time you opened it, but did the second time.



MuteDeck App
  • ✨ Add a new notification:
    . This is for automation-wizards 🧙 - MuteDeck can send a HTTP call to a URL of your choice and inform it of a change in your meeting status. More information here.
  • ✨ Handle
    Bring to front
    for Google Meet much, much better (see extension notes below).
  • ✨ Add
    support to the web socket server, which the Google Chrome extension can use. For environments where non-SSL web sockets aren't allowed (high security browser settings).
  • 🐛 Improve license handling; the license was sometimes deactivating unnecessary for some people.
  • 🐛 macOS: Fix possible double app run where the first instance was unresponsive and the second instance ran normally.
Chrome Extension for Google Meet
  • ✨ The extension now supports
    all languages
    for Google Meet! You do not need to set your Google account to English anymore.
  • Bring to front
    now activates the tab where Google Meet is in, and brings the browser window to the front of your other apps.
  • 🐛 Fix recording toggling for paid Google Meet plans.
: When upgrading the Chrome extension, you'll need to approve additional permissions before the extension is loaded. The
Browsing history
permission is awkwardly named, and required for the Bring to Front feature. MuteDeck doesn't look at your browser history.



  • Add support for the New Microsoft Teams (v2) Third-party app API. Learn how to set it up here.
  • Make it possible to toggle the chat window on Teams v2 via MuteDeck's API. Stream Deck, and other plugins to be updated at a later date.
Microsoft Teams "legacy" support on macOS
Microsoft updated the Teams version 1 client this week, and changed its name to "Microsoft Teams (legacy) on macOS. MuteDeck needed to be updated to support that. This is the only change for this release.



New: Support for Plenom Busylights
Good news for those with a Plenom Busylight! MuteDeck v2.4 can now synchronise the meeting status with your Busylight. Turning it red when you're on a meeting, and turning it green when you're available. Check out this tweet for an example.
For more information about this integration, check out this help center article.
Microsoft Teams v2 Support on Windows
Currently in early access, version 2 of Teams is on its way. The Teams interface has changed from v1, and MuteDeck wasn't compatible with v2. This release adds support for Teams v2 on Windows, with macOS coming in the future.
Microsoft has not added the Third-Party API yet in v2, but once they do - MuteDeck will be fully compatible with the Teams API.
Other changes
  • Missing Licenses
    : Given certain conditions, it was possible for MuteDeck to "lose" its license. I've made enhancements that should prevent this from happening - so no more having to reactivate your license.
  • Fix a crash on Windows
    : When a call just ended (or not properly detected with Teams v2), pressing the mute button could crash MuteDeck.
  • Easier access to enter a license
    : Add a button on the 'trial expired' popup to open the enter license window.



Added auto-saving of Custom Actions on any change, eliminating the need to manually press the save button.
Resolved a macOS bug that caused the first triggered Custom Action to be remembered and repeated, even when a different custom action was triggered.



Simplify Custom Actions with the Library
Manually adding custom actions can be time-consuming. With MuteDeck's Custom Action Library, you now have a convenient way to enhance your meeting control with just a few clicks.
System Microphone Control
By default when MuteDeck doesn't detect a call, it controls your microphone directly. So, if you're on a call app that's not supported, you can still mute! For some, that can be ideal, for some, maybe not. That's why I've added a setting to let you disable the system microphone control.
More info in the blog article, here.




Bring to Front
Added support for the new "Bring to Front" action that pulls the Zoom, Teams, and other application windows to the front. That way the conference call apps are way easier to find when you're multitasking. Pending plugin releases (Stream Deck v8.0, Loupedeck v6.0).
Using a single Custom Action in multiple apps
One of the greatest things about MuteDeck is the ability to use the same buttons in different conference call apps. The initial Custom Actions didn't allow that, so I changed that!
Now, you can create custom actions with the same name. Meaning, you can create a custom action called
that has the right shortcuts for the right apps. Below is an example for Zoom and Google Meet.
In Stream Deck, Loupedeck, etc., you can select raise-hand as the action, and when pressing the button, MuteDeck will figure out which is the active call app and send the right shortcut. It'll even send it to multiple active calls. 😂
Shortcuts to any app
Maybe you spotted it in the above screenshot; I've also added a new option called "Active Application" to the custom actions. This will send the shortcut to the application window that's active. Any application. Any shortcut. Let that sink in. 😊
So, if MuteDeck does not support your preferred conference call app yet, creating Custom Actions using the
Active Application
will let you control your calls anyway. In the screenshot above, I used Discord as an example, which uses shift+command+m to toggle mute on macOS.
But it does not have to be limited to call apps. It can be any app and any shortcut. The copy-text action is a perfect example.



Custom Actions!
I'm excited to announce this update includes
Custom Actions
, a feature that allows you to send any keyboard shortcut to Zoom, Teams, Webex, or Google Meet. Yup, that's right. You can now do anything with MuteDeck! 🤯
Here's a few examples of how you could use Custom Actions: raise your hand, change to the gallery view, open the chat, and so many more!
Single-Action Buttons for Stream Deck
There are also new
Single Action
buttons that can be used in multi-action buttons. These buttons do only one thing, like unmute, start or stop video, sharing, or recording. Remember, Single Action buttons don't show the current status, you can keep using the Toggle buttons for that.




  • Support for
    Zoom Breakout Rooms
    . They already worked on macOS.
  • When you clicked a button inside the window and moved your mouse, the window tended to jump. It jumps no more.
  • MuteDeck can no longer open itself multiple times. Once is enough, and cloning is still illegal in most countries, so I put a stop to it.
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