Bring to Front
Added support for the new "Bring to Front" action that pulls the Zoom, Teams, and other application windows to the front. That way the conference call apps are way easier to find when you're multitasking. Pending plugin releases (Stream Deck v8.0, Loupedeck v6.0).
Using a single Custom Action in multiple apps
One of the greatest things about MuteDeck is the ability to use the same buttons in different conference call apps. The initial Custom Actions didn't allow that, so I changed that!
Now, you can create custom actions with the same name. Meaning, you can create a custom action called
that has the right shortcuts for the right apps. Below is an example for Zoom and Google Meet.
In Stream Deck, Loupedeck, etc., you can select raise-hand as the action, and when pressing the button, MuteDeck will figure out which is the active call app and send the right shortcut. It'll even send it to multiple active calls. 😂
Shortcuts to any app
Maybe you spotted it in the above screenshot; I've also added a new option called "Active Application" to the custom actions. This will send the shortcut to the application window that's active. Any application. Any shortcut. Let that sink in. 😊
So, if MuteDeck does not support your preferred conference call app yet, creating Custom Actions using the
Active Application
will let you control your calls anyway. In the screenshot above, I used Discord as an example, which uses shift+command+m to toggle mute on macOS.
But it does not have to be limited to call apps. It can be any app and any shortcut. The copy-text action is a perfect example.
Custom Actions!
I'm excited to announce this update includes
Custom Actions
, a feature that allows you to send any keyboard shortcut to Zoom, Teams, Webex, or Google Meet. Yup, that's right. You can now do anything with MuteDeck! 🤯
Here's a few examples of how you could use Custom Actions: raise your hand, change to the gallery view, open the chat, and so many more!
Single-Action Buttons for Stream Deck
There are also new
Single Action
buttons that can be used in multi-action buttons. These buttons do only one thing, like unmute, start or stop video, sharing, or recording. Remember, Single Action buttons don't show the current status, you can keep using the Toggle buttons for that.
  • Support for
    Zoom Breakout Rooms
    . They already worked on macOS.
  • When you clicked a button inside the window and moved your mouse, the window tended to jump. It jumps no more.
  • MuteDeck can no longer open itself multiple times. Once is enough, and cloning is still illegal in most countries, so I put a stop to it.
Stream Deck Plugin v5.0 & Loupedeck Plugin v4.0
  • New Microsoft Teams actions: toggling background blur, raise your hand, and react with applause, a laugh, like, heart, or a wow emoji.
Chrome Extension v1.3
Minor updates to the Chrome Extension for Google Meet:
  • You can now click the MuteDeck icon when you're on and see if the connection to MuteDeck is established. It'll report an error when it's not connected.
  • While the plugin still requires the language to be English, it will warn you when the language is detected as something else.
Microsoft Teams Third-Party API Support
I am delighted to announce that MuteDeck v1.5 now supports the Microsoft Teams Third-Party API! What is it, you might ask? I'm glad you asked!
The newest version of Teams has a direct communication channel with third-party apps such as MuteDeck. Thus, rather than scanning the Teams interface, MuteDeck can directly inquire about Teams' status and manage it.
This means:
  1. MuteDeck supports Teams in all languages now
  2. More actions!
The new actions are:
  • Toggle background blur on your camera feed
  • Raise Hand
  • React with: Applause, Laugh, Like, Heart, and Wow
MuteDeck's API (and built-in specifications for developers) has already incorporated these new features. The Stream Deck, Loupedeck, and TouchPortal plugins will follow soon!
Bug fixes
I have also corrected a glitch in which Webex was wrongly shown as disabled when it was turned on in the settings.
You might need to install an update twice. This is part of optimising the updater, so it can go smoothly in the future.
: Version 1.4.3 includes a major improvement for speed and reliability, which involves checking only the necessary applications. This fixes sluggishness in apps that were added later (Webex, Teams).
Zoom and Teams will be enabled by default, but if you use other apps, you can enable them in the settings under the new section called "Application Sync":
The first time you launch v1.4.3, it'll open the settings dock automatically and call attention to the settings.
But wait, there's more!
  • Added support for Windows users to make personal direct calls using Cisco Webex.
  • Added support for an upcoming TouchPortal plugin.
  • Improved the interface on Windows.
  • Additional updates to the
    , both on macOS and Windows. It's now signed, so it no longer says "Unidentified publisher" when installing an update. It'll say Lostdomain is the publisher. (which is my primary company name).
  • API
    : Allow calls that set a desired state, not toggle the state. For example, you can call
    POST https://localhost:3491/v1/mute?state=off
    to make sure mute is off. If it's already unmuted, MuteDeck won't change the status. More info and examples can be found in the Swagger specification.
  • Improved compatibility with
    Webex v43
    and above, following interface updates.
  • Users running
    MacOS 13
    and above may experience issues with the MuteDeckMaintenanceTool update checker. To resolve this, please download and install version 1.4.1 of MuteDeck before attempting to update from within the software.
  • Action Notifications have been adjusted to ensure they are centered on the screen.
License Improvements
You can now purchase one-time licenses for Mutedeck, which provides access to the software indefinitely without the need for recurring payments.
In addition, I've also added activation management features to the website, making it easier to manage your licenses and track their usage.
The software has been updated to support perpetual licenses as well and now includes the ability to deactivate licenses if necessary.
Developer Experience Improvements
In this update, I've added OpenAPI specifications and an embedded Swagger UI for API testing, so you can easily create automation against MuteDeck with anything that supports the OpenAPI standard. You can also test your APIs from within the MuteDeck software using the Swagger UI - no more messing around with external tools. This is a big time-saver, making it a lot easier to get started with the MuteDeck API.
🐛 Fixes
  • Don't steal focus when an action notification is shown
  • Microsoft Teams on Windows: Don't automatically toggle video more than once per session. It could lead to continuously toggling the video when MuteDeck wasn't detecting the call
  • Fix leaving a Teams meeting when you're the host by sending the leave shortcut
  • Fix an error when updating: Cannot get authorization that is needed for continuing the installation.
  • 👆You might see this error when updating from v1.3 to v1.4. Please download a fresh installer from
Microsoft Teams support
I'm delighted to announce official support for Microsoft Teams for Windows and macOS! Microsoft didn't make it easy, but it's finally here. Support for all the actions (mute, video, recording, sharing, and leaving meetings) is present. Only English is supported for now, with more languages coming in a future MuteDeck version.
You might notice your video toggling twice quickly when you start a new Teams call on Windows. That's necessary before MuteDeck can see the meeting controls. If you've changed the shortcut to toggle video, you need to let MuteDeck know (check #3).
Action notifications
It's good to get confirmation on whether things work. So, whenever you perform an action on the Stream Deck, Loupedeck, or via the API, MuteDeck will confirm the action on your computer. In the middle of your screen, a transparent, non-disruptive notification showing what you just did will pop up for a second.
You can turn this off by unchecking the
Show action notifications
Changing the button & window size
At popular request, you can now adjust the size of the buttons on MuteDeck. Changing the size will also automatically resize the window, so you can pick the size that fits best on your computer.
Check out the
Button size
option in the settings.
Fix Zoom detection when sharing in the latest Zoom version
The latest version of Zoom has a change that makes MuteDeck forget there's a Zoom call whenever you start sharing your screen. v1.3 takes that Zoom change into account and recognizes the call again.
Warning when Zoom or Teams are in an unsupported language
MuteDeck supports an extensive list of languages for Zoom and English for Teams, Webex, and Google Meet. The
section of the settings now warns you whenever there's an unsupported language configured.
Handle multi-tasking between Zoom, Teams, etc.
If you're like me, you switch between Zoom, Teams, or Webex constantly - depending on who you're meeting with. MuteDeck now handles this properly.
If you come off a Zoom call and move into a Teams call, MuteDeck will continue to offer you control.
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